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“Renaming SW Stark St. after gay activist and icon Harvey Milk will send a powerful message to LGBTQ youth that they are valued and respected,” Mikki Gillette

Basic Rights Oregon & Committee Member

“Harvey Milk inspired an entire nation of LGBTQ citizens to demand recognition and electoral power in their communities. I am excited to acknowledge his contributions by naming a street in his honor,” Cory Murphy-Helmkamp

Former Director of Operations for Pride Northwest, Committee Member

“So many lives have been lost because of violence & stigma against the LGBTQ community. The positive impact of publicly recognizing Harvey Milk’s work & sacrifice in downtown Portland would be immense – reinforcing the culture of acknowledgment & acceptance as well as inspiring strength & esteem in our LGBTQ youth. My son Matthew would be so proud to see this project come to fruition.” Judy Shepard

Mother of Matthew Shepard, President of Matthew Shepard Foundation

“Honoring the LGBTQ equality movement is a decisive next step in Portland’s journey to celebrate all who live here. As a business owner on SW Stark, this effort is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate Portland’s values in our business community, and we’re so thrilled that is has received such widespread support,” Lisa Schroeder

Chef/Owner of Mother's Bistro & Bar, Committee Member

“Harvey Milk made history and changed it for the better. His life and legacy are worthy of being remembered,” Kerry Tymchuk

Executive Director of the Oregon Historical Society

SW Stark Street Business Endorsements

Al-Amir Restaurant

American Panda

Boxer Ramen

Caribbean Kitchen

Chez Dodo

Club Rouge

Crystal Hotel

Cultured Caveman

John Fluevog Shoes

Kenny & Zukes

Mother’s Bistro & Bar

N’Kossi Boutique de l’Afrique

Peterson’s Grocery Store

Pulehu Pizza

Quik Fish Poke Bar

Ringlers Annex

The Roxy


Steven Allen

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Sushi Food Cart


Trove Curated Home

Velvet Lounge Café

West End Bikes

Zeus Café

Community Leader Endorsements

• Governor Barbara Roberts – Oregon’s Governor from 1991-1995. As a lifelong advocate on behalf of equality, she is considered by many to be the strongest Governor on LGBTQ rights in US history. She served on the board of the Human Rights Campaign while she was Governor. In 2013, she received the Harvey Milk Lifetime Achievement Award for her years of advocacy on behalf of equal rights.

• Governor Ted Kulongoski – Oregon’s Governor from 2003-2011. In his first term in the Oregon House of Representatives, he introduced a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. As Oregon’s Attorney General, he filed an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court urging the Justices to overturn Colorado’s anti-LGBTQ Amendment 2. In 2007, as Oregon’s Governor, he championed and signed into law the Oregon Equality Act, which banned anti-LGBTQ discrimination in Oregon.

• Stuart Milk – Nephew of Harvey Milk; founder and President of the Harvey Milk Foundation; accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom on behalf of Harvey Milk when President Barack Obama awarded it posthumously in 2009.

• Darcelle XV & the late Roxy LeRoy – The “Godparents” of Portland’s LGBTQ community; owners of the longest-running drag club in the United States, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.

• Kathleen Saadat – Portland musician and lifelong civil rights activist. Helped establish Portland’s first LGBTQ rights march in 1976. Co-wrote a 1992 Portland ordinance banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. Member of the steering committee for the campaign to defeat the anti-LGBTQ Ballot Measure 9.

• Gus Van Sant – Portland film maker who directed the movie “Milk”.

• Terry Bean – LGBTQ civil rights activist for over 45 years; co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

• Congressman Barney Frank – First openly LGBTQ American to be elected to Congress.

• Jean Pierre Nugloze – Owner of N’Kossi Boutique de l’Afrique on SW Stark St; he was an LGBTQ civil rights leader in Togo, where he faced persecution for his sexual orientation; he currently has political asylum in the USA.

• Lisa Schroeder – Owner of Mother’s Bistro & Bar on SW Stark Street.

• Suzanne Hale – Owner of The Roxy on SW Stark St; member of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court for many years; served on the boards for the creation of the US postage stamp dedicated to Harvey Milk, as well as the US Navy ship about to be named after him.

• Cory Murphy-Helmkamp – Social justice and civil rights activist and former Director of Operations for Pride Northwest.

• Cathy Travis – Civil liberties and LGBTQ activist and former ACLU of Oregon President.

• Thomas Lauderdale – Portland musician and civil rights activist.

• Dustin Lance Black – Won an Academy Award for writing the screenplay for the movie “Milk”.

Judy and Dennis Shepard – The parents of Matthew Shepard and the founders of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

• Marty Davis – Lifelong LGBTQ rights activist; Owner & Editor in Chief of the former JustOut LGBTQ newspaper.

• Reverend Nathan Meckley – Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church Portland.

• Roey Thorpe – Longtime LGBTQ rights activist and former Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon.

• Esera Tuaolo – Openly gay former NFL player; played football for Oregon State University; serves on the board of the Gay and Lesbian Athletics Foundation and has worked with the NFL to make football more inclusive; currently a contestant on the TV show The Voice.

• Jason Collins – First openly gay NBA player; LGBTQ civil rights activist.

• Billy Bean – Openly gay former player for the San Diego Padres; currently serves as Major League Baseball Vice President and Special Assistant to the MLB Commissioner; Major League Baseball’s first Ambassador for Inclusion.

• Anne & Robert Sacks – Property owners on SW Stark Street.

• Homer Williams – Portland developer and urban planning leader.

• Lori & Dick Singer – Portland developers.

• Debbie Thomas – Owner of Debbie Thomas Real Estate.

• Julie Leuvrey – Portland developer.

• Mark Edlen – Portland developer.

• Hilary Rosen – CNN contributor; former Executive Director of the Human Rights Campaign.

• Elizabeth Birch – Former Executive Director of the Human Rights Campaign.

• Melanie Davis – Publisher/Owner at El Hispanic News & PQ Monthly

• David Mixner – Author, playwright, anti-war & civil rights activist

• Rick Bean – Progressive activist

• Nicole Murray Ramirez – Queen Mother for the International Imperial Court; San Diego City Commussioner; National Chair of the USNS Harvey Milk ship campaign; National Chair of the Harvey Milk US Postage Stamp Campaign

• Felicia Williams – President of Portland’s Downtown Neighborhood Association

Byron Beck Freelance writer & LGBTQ activist

• Karin Power – Oregon State Representative for House District 41 (Southeast Portland & Milwaukie); one of three openly LGBTQ members of the Oregon Legislature.

• Mike Lindberg – Former Portland City Commissioner

• Poison Waters/Kevin Cook – Portland personality, entertainer & activist; Rose Empress XLIV

• Kerry Tymchuk – Executive Director of the Oregon Historical Society

• Tom Potter – Former Mayor of Portland

• Dale Scott – First openly gay MLB umpire, LGBTQ activist

• Bill Dickey – Longtime LGBTQ activist & founder of Morel Ink

• Jules Garza – Longtime LGBTQ activist 


“Visibility is so important for marginalized communities – I’ve experienced this first hand as a closeted football player at Oregon State University & in the NFL. Commemorating LGBTQ activist Harvey Milk in downtown Portland sends a powerful message to our youth & our citizens: we see you & we honor your stories,”
Esera Tuaolo

Openly gay former NFL player, LGBTQ rights activist, The Voice contestant

“Harvey Milk’s message is one of positivity and hope, its so exciting to see somebody who has done so much good to be recognized, and would love to have a street named after him in Portland,”
Gus Van Sant

Director of acclaimed "Milk" movie

“I’m grateful for every LGBTQ hero who has come before me and made my life better because of their sacrifice. Honoring Harvey Milk’s legacy by renaming a street in the heart of the city after him, speaks volumes to the great character of the city of Portland, Oregon,”
Jason Collins

First openly gay NBA player, LGBTQ rights activist

“As a young LGBTQ member of the Portland community, I have deep gratitude for the legacy of Harvey Milk. He, and many others before us, bled and died for our right to love openly and freely. I will never, ever forget these sacrifices. Renaming SW Stark Street is an essential step in reclaiming our history, and our contributions to this diverse nation,”

Cameron Whitten

Committee member

“I am proud to add my enthusiastic support to this proposal to recognize Harvey Milk here in Portland.  He was a role model of courage and honesty for our country,” Governor Barbara Roberts,

Committee member

“At a time when changes in our nation threaten the health and wellness of the communities we serve, when fear and bigotry try to push back a decade of social justice victories, we stand together to fight for what we hold dear. We have a history of fighting for our community through the darkest of days and today stand stronger, smarter, and more poised to take on the challenges ahead of us. I believe the time has come to celebrate this resilience by honoring an important civil and human rights leader within the LGBTQ+ movement. Re-naming the 13-blocks of SW Stark Street after Harvey Milk is an amazing first step in validating how far we have come and the work we still have ahead of us!” Tyler TerMeer

Executive Director, Cascade AIDS Project & Prism Health

Harvey Milk Street Project Committee

Governor Barbara Roberts, Oregon’s Governor from 1991-1995

Governor Ted Kulongoski, Oregon’s Governor from 2003-2011

Amy Herzfeld-Copple, Co-Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon

Mikki Gillette, Major Gifts Officer at Basic Rights Oregon

Terry Bean, Real Estate broker and lifetime LGBTQ rights activist

Cory L. Murphy-Helmkamp, Social justice and civil rights activist

Lisa Schroeder, business owner on SW Stark St.

Suzanne Hale, business owner on SW Stark St.

Rick Jung, Executive Director of Portland Gay Men’s Chorus

Thomas Lauderdale, LGBTQ rights activist and local musician

Craig Hartzman, LGBTQ rights activist

Dwayne Davis, LGBTQ rights activist

Jim Vegher, LGBTQ rights activist

Cathy Travis, LGBTQ rights activist

Tyler TerMeer, Executive Director of Cascade AIDS Project

Peter Parisot, Deputy Executive Director of Cascade AIDS Project

Cameron Whitten, social justice & civil rights activist

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