Portland’s Harvey Milk Street Project

Portland's Harvey Milk Street Project

Help Us Make Portland’s Harvey Milk Street a Reality!

We recently submitted over 3500 signatures from local Portlanders who support the project – now, a historian panel has been formed & we’re eagerly awaiting our public hearings. We hope to have SW Harvey Milk Street approved by Portland Pride! Stay tuned & follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Here are the upcoming public events for Portland’s Harvey Milk Street Project – we hope you can join us! 
  • Historical Panel Public Meeting (Monday, April 2nd, 1:30-2:30pm, Lovejoy Room @ City Hall
  • Portland Planning & Sustainability Commission Public Hearing (Tuesday, May 15th, 4-5pm)
  • City Council Public Hearing (Thursday, June 14th, 2pm @ City Hall)

We’ll be calling on our supporters to write letters & invite their friends in the coming weeks so we can show Portland City Council the enthusiasm behind this powerful project!

Big thank you to everyone who went out & gathered signatures – we wouldn’t be here without the incredible community support.

“As a gay man and business owner on SW Stark Street, this project is beyond remarkable to me. I was an LGBTQ activist in Togo before I was forced to leave and seek asylum here in the US, because my government passed a 5 year prison sentence for anyone who is gay. This Harvey Milk Street Project makes me so proud that I picked Portland to start my business & new life!” Jean Pierre Nugloze

Owner of N’Kossi Boutique de l’Afrique

“Given a history of bias and bigotry against the people who make up the GLBTQ community, we need to create cultural symbols that reinforce our roles as positive members of the broader society.  Given the sadness, despair and rate of suicide experienced by young people struggling with issues of sexuality, we need to help them reject negative labels and inspire them with hope for lives built on foundations of love and support. Naming a street after Harvey Milk will help accomplish both things by acknowledging our struggle and our humanity,” Kathleen Saadat

Portland musician & lifelong civil rights activist

“I am proud to add my enthusiastic support to this proposal to recognize Harvey Milk here in Portland.  He was a role model of courage and honesty for our country,” Governor Barbara Roberts

Committee Member

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The Campaign

We’re a grassroots coalition seeking to honor Portland’s LGBTQ community & spirit of inclusivity by renaming the 13 blocks of SW Stark Street after national LGBTQ hero Harvey Milk. Who are we, why Harvey Milk, & why SW Stark?

Who is Harvey Milk?

Navy veteran, politician, & national LGBTQ hero, Harvey Milk’s legacy continues to inspire communities of activists around the world. His compelling, courageous message lives on.

Our Coalition

We couldn’t do this without broad support from local community leaders, LGBTQ organizations, and businesses in the downtown neighborhood. We’ve only just begun reaching out for support, and are inspired by the positive response. Check out the amazing people, organizations, and businesses joining our effort!

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